News Article: ORIX Draft Second Place Enters Training Camp with Ghanaian Talisman (Dzorkpata): Original article (in Japanese) English Translation

On the 10th of January, Orix Bufallo’s second draft pick, Yuma Mune (18), entered the dormitory of “Seitokan”, a baseball training camp in Kobe city. He was spotted with a Ghanaian amulet on his left wrist known as “Dzorkpata”.
During the winter break of his final year in middle school, Mune, visited Ghana with his mother, Mika, to get in touch with his West African roots, as his father is Guinean. During their visit, they met with an old acquaintance of Mika’s whose husband is a spiritualist in Ghana. They thus had the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional African spirituality and even witnessed the new year rituals where his Dzorkpata bangle was given to him.
According to Mune, he always had Dzorkpata in his pocket during every high school baseball game. “When I had it on me, I barely missed a swing in an official game.” he said, looking back at the efficacy of his lucky charm. The talisman is constantly on him, even when he showers, and he plans to “keep wearing it even when he goes pro”.
The joint rookie training sessions beginning on the 11th are expected to be more challenging than ever before. However, with the help of “Dzorkpata”, he will be able to sail through any hardship or pain that may come his way.
Translated by Arisa Hachiya

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Photographs by Gigi Gatewood and Pele Voncujovi

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